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September Sign ups

!!!Remember!!! Some of us will be back at school this month after the holidays. If you expect to be busy because of school, please try to bear this in mind when you sign up. Don't sign up unless you believe you can make a good effort and turn in on time.

Wake up cha, I just posted this to my personal LJ by mistake and then to some other community that was wrong *smacks self*

Deadline is always the last day of the month.

When posting your email address and links to your gallery and reference sheets, PLEASE double check to make sure these addresses are spelt correctly and work.

It is recommended that you fill out this info to the best of your abilities, even if linking to an outside site, just in case there happen to be network problems.

It is recommended that if you are posting links to several character sheets, you indicate a preferred choice.

Please include a warning to any links that contain mature or NWS content, thanks.

Gallery Link:

Maximum rating of picture?: (clean/mature/Adult)

Character Name:

Species: (please define anthro or non-anthro animal, if applicable)
Physique: (eg. are they fat or muscley, tall or short? etc)
Appearance: (eg. hair colours and styles, eye colour, any scars? etc)
Clothing and Accessories: (including make-up if necessary, as well as clothes)
Suggested Setting (optional):
Reference Pics:
Anything Else?:
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