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This is the blacklist and adoptions list, which I intend to keep up to date from now on. Use this to see if you owe art to anybody, or if anybody owes you art. If you think I've made a mistake, then don't hesitate to comment and let me know. From what I can find out, I think everything here is correct so far.

This post is in no way trying to point the finger at people who have been unable to turn in their artwork. It is simply a reminder for those who aren't up to date, and a point of reference. If you're on the blacklist, please, don't feel victimized or upset. See it instead as a friendly reminder.


These people have not yet completed artwork that they owe. If you are on the blacklist and have forgotten who you are supposed to draw, you can use this list to find the info you need. If you're on the blacklist, then you won't be able to take part in future rounds until you get up to date by completing the art you owe.

In order of most recent.
gamerd owes art to ninetails390 : [Info link] (AUG 2009)
blackpurplewolf owes art to artemispanthar : [Info link] (JULY 2009)
artemispanthar owes art to darkwingpsycho: [Info link] (JULY 2009)
spikethegoddess owes art to darkwingpsycho: [Info link] (JUNE 2009)
mina5643 owes art to the_lest [Info link] (APRIL 2009)
peludrax owes art to jopdance [Info link] (SPETEMBER 2008)
karmicbunny owes art to peludrax [Info link] (AUGUST 2008)
goosestep_lion owes art to the_lest [Info link] (JUNE/JULY 2008)

Pending Adoptions:

These people did not recieve their artwork in a past month and are still waiting. If they have not already been adopted, and you would like to adopt them (that is, if you'd like to volunteer to draw a picture for them), then please comment saying who you would like to adopt. All comments are screened.

Because sometimes adoptions don't get completed, the names will remain here until the adoption picture is submitted. Once the adoption is submitted then the name of the recipient will be removed. There is no penalty if you adopt someone, and then change your mind, but it would be nice to let us know when this happens, so that people aren't left waiting for a long time. ;)

ninetails390: [Info link] (Aug 2009)
darkwingpsycho: [Info link] (July 09)
darkwingpsycho: [Info link] (from June 2009)
the_lest: [Info link] Adopted (from May 09)

Suspended Adoptions:

These people did not recieve their artwork in a past month, but are also on the blacklist and therefore not eligable for adoption until they get up to date. Once they get up to date, they'll be moved to the "Pending" list.

artemispanthar was meant to be drawn by blackpurplewolf [Info link] (JULY 2009)
peludrax was meant to be drawn by karmicbunny [Info link] (AUGUST 2008)
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