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Artxchange is an art trade community. The trades work on a 'secret santa' system - all the participants' names for the month will be drawn out of a hat and paired up randomly. Participants will then be notified whose character they are drawing. You will only know who YOU are drawing for - not who is drawing for you.

All types of characters are allowed, be they anthro, human, fantasy or anything else you can think of. This means you might wind up drawing something that you're not used to drawing.

This is a great way for artists to challenge themselves and improve their art skills. It's also a good way for more professional artists to have fun in between projects. Whatever your reason for joining, artxchange is a fun way to keep your drawing groove!

12 trades per year / 1 per month.

Community members can participate in as many or as few trades as they like. When the announcement for the coming month's trade is posted toward the end of the current month, just post a comment if you wish to participate.

Generally we don't turn people away, and beginner and professional artists alike are all welcome to take part! However if your request to join was denied it was because search and search as I may I could not find any art on your livejournal account or a web address where I might view art. It's pretty important that we know what you can do, since this is an art trades community. So, feel free to send me another request to join, just make sure that there's a link somewhere to some art so we can see what you can do!

Adult content:
Adult content is acceptable, but must always be under a cut with a warning.
  • DO NOT draw adult art unless your chosen has specifically said that it's alright.
  • When posting your character details, feel free to request adult content, but bear in mind that the artist drawing for you may not wish to do it.

    Quality Control:
    Medium can be whatever you please - just draw for others as you would wish them to draw for you. Two-second sketches on lined notebook paper, for example, are not encouraged. However, keep in mind that drawing someone else a three-character photoshopped pic doesn't mean you'll get something of the same complexity in return. Just use common sense.

    A theme will be set some months (e.g., "anger", "romance", "loneliness", "Christmas", etc). It's up to you whether you follow it or not - it's simply there to provide inspiration if it's needed. (If you do not want your character drawn in this theme, you'll be given the option to say so.)

    Non-submission of Artwork

    This is a close community of friends. Please post your artwork before the stated deadline. It is not fair for people to miss out because the artist drawing them didn't get their picture done in time.

    We're not going to be draconian here. Basically, if you don't submit your half of a trade for one month, you won't be admonished or barred from the community - instead, you'll simply be unable to participate in another round of the trade until you get off your ass and hand in the pic.

    If you've missed out on getting a picture, you'll be put up for adoption so someone else will draw you.

    The Blacklist and Adoptions Lists can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/artxchange/163338.html

    Originally artXchange was founded by tania and quillblade with a small group of elite artists. It was then passed to faegirlmara and labluething. Since then it has grown into the large group that we know and love today! It is currently maintained by the_lest and darkwingpsycho